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I am going to start this letter off by saying that my family and I are very grateful for all the efforts you put in towards us having a place we can call home. Trying to buy property is quite tricky, time consuming and at times nerve wrecking. This was the first time I had to venture out to do something like this. Honestly most of it was unknown to me. But the good thing was that you were there every bit of the way. I am writing this note to say that my family and I are very grateful for all the work you put in.

Thank you for taking the time to go through all the critical documents word for word with us. Some documents require a great deal of technical knowledge to understand their purpose. This made the whole process transparent. Thank you for taking time to coordinate the admin between us the buyers and the sellers as well as your office in real time. There were times when documents where consequentially needed in real time. But you communicated that information as soon as you were advised and always followed up on the requests. Thank you for coordinating the shared information seamlessly. Thank you for keeping your line of communication open even after working hours. This assured my family and I that should anything be a problem we were assured of your audience. Thank you for the financial advice.

Thank you for taking time to organize additional quotations from various financial services providers as this would have provided us with a chance to choose the best option. John, my family and I are aware that commission is important to you. Our home was not the most expensive property where you could have made a lot of commission from once sold however, in my opinion which is based on your actions I believe you took the whole process so seriously. In fact, it seemed as though you were selling the most expensive property in the region. On behalf of my family, thank you very much.

Author: Dr Cornelius C Ssemakalu

Submitted 09 Apr 19 / Views 998