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My name is Mafeno Phora.

I am writing here to commend one of your practitioners, Elaine Lester who has been outstanding in assisting me to sell my two portions of land in De Deur. I bought these plots in 2005 and I have been trying to sell them since 2013. I then met Elaine in 2015 thereabouts. She went to work immediately and over the years we have had many promises and let-downs from many potential buys. Unlike many of your competitors who also tried to assist me but quickly disappeared, Elaine never lost faith that we will someday meet the right buyer if we keep marketing the place and taking potential buyers there. At some point I became particularly concerned about her personal safety when she had to take complete strangers there alone (prospects who were mostly males) to go view that plot because it's somewhat desolate. Elaine is hardworking, patient, tenacious with a strong positive mental attitude that says it's not over until I win.

Needless to say, Elaine indeed won in the end. She got me a cash buyer towards end of last year and this week the properties were duly transferred to the new owner who I am sure is equally enamoured with Elaine's great personal service to clients.

I'd suggest strongly that a person of Elaine's calibre is an invaluable asset and she needs to be recognised and supported at all times." Mafeno Phora

Author: Mafeno Phora

Submitted 08 Apr 19 / Views 1039